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My Work

In response to the Mitel End-of-Sale announcement for MiVoice Connect, I spearheaded a comprehensive lead generation campaign to guide companies through a seamless migration to a cloud-based platform. As the principal writer, I crafted the narrative for each piece, ensuring a coherent and compelling message throughout. Additionally, I managed a talented contract team comprising a graphic designer and a videographer/editor, harnessing their skills to bring the written content to life in visually and cinematically engaging ways. 

Recognizing the pivotal juncture businesses found themselves at, this campaign was designed to inform and demonstrate the immense value of transitioning with us as their trusted partner. The campaign encompasses various strategic elements, including an insightful blog post, a detailed eBook, a visually engaging infographic, targeted social media posts, a series of videos, a helpful how-to guide, and a compelling sell sheet. Each component was meticulously designed to capture the migration process's urgency, benefits, and simplicity, positioning us as the go-to expert for businesses navigating this change.

Below, you'll find examples of my work on this project. Mitel EoS is one of many campaigns I have managed for my current position as Content and Social Media Manager at Converged Technology Professionals.

Mitel EoS How to Guide.png
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