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You're here because you want to get to know me, right? I'm a versatile Senior Marketing Content Writer with over ten years of experience in brand development through various digital touchpoints and formats, from email marketing and blogs to eBooks and press releases. I love crafting B2B and B2C SEO-optimized content and copy, balancing creativity, data analytics, and marketing strategy to drive brand value and customer conversions. I consistently meet deadlines and exceed performance metrics, bringing a results-oriented focus to all campaigns. I am a supportive team leader with a strong ability to take charge of projects, train and empower others, and motivate those around me to do their best work. 

☛ Key Skills ☚ 

✦ Strategic Brand Development
✦ Multichannel Campaign Management
✦ Cross-Functional Collaboration
✦ Content & Copy Mastery   
✦ Deadline-Driven Project Management
✦ Customer-Centric UX/UI
✦ Data-Informed Decision Making
✦ Executive Communications
✦ Editorial Excellence
✦ Freelance & Team Management

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