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You're here because you want to get to know me, right? I'm a versatile Senior Marketing Content and Social Media Manager with over ten years of experience in brand development through various digital touchpoints and formats, from email marketing and blogs to eBooks and press releases. I love crafting B2B and B2C SEO-optimized content and copy, balancing creativity, data analytics, and marketing strategy to drive brand value and customer conversions. I consistently meet deadlines and exceed performance metrics, bringing a results-oriented focus to all campaigns. I am a supportive team leader with a strong ability to take charge of projects, train and empower others, and motivate those around me to do their best work. 

☛ Key Skills ☚ 

✦ Strategic Brand Development
✦ Multichannel Campaign Management
✦ Cross-Functional Collaboration
✦ SEO-Driven Content & Copy Mastery   
✦ Deadline-Driven Project Management
✦ Customer-Centric UX/UI
✦ Data-Informed Decision Making
✦ Executive Communications
✦ Editorial Excellence
✦ Freelance & Team Management

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