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You're here because you want to get to know me, right? I am a data-driven, strategic, and creative professional with a seasoned content management background, a history of optimizing and scaling content creation processes, and a talent for aligning teams around common goals. I combine over 14 years of experience providing content management leadership, vision, and oversight for multiple high-profile organizations; creating brand-aligned collateral and messaging that resonate with target audiences; positioning organizations as authoritative thought leaders within their respective industries; and carefully shaping the processes and policies that sustain an efficient, productive, and highly competitive organization.

I am a supportive team leader with a strong ability to take charge of projects, train and empower others, and motivate those around me to do their best work. I believe a leader’s primary duty is to cultivate, professionally develop, and grow confidence in her team. I have the ability, expertise, and coaching skills to drive my team to success.

I have the communication skills to clearly articulate my vision, persuade people to take action, and get the ball rolling in the right direction. Whether I’m sending out emails, communicating with a partner, presenting to a crowd, or anything in between; I communicate quickly, accurately, and effectively.

I am a dependable and supportive collaborator who is a pillar of strength for her team. From the outset, I establish a tone of urgency and professionalism by setting clear expectations, getting everyone on the same page, encouraging transparent communications, and leading by example.

☛ Key Skills ☚ 

✦ Strategic Planning

✦ Content Strategy

✦ Marketing

✦ Communications        

✦ Project Management

✦ Brand Development

✦ Team Leadership

✦ Proficient Author

✦ Calendar Management

✦ Audience Engagement

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